About Us


RDA was established to realize the strategic vision developing standard Road Network that supports socio-economic growth in Somaliland through:
  • Institutional capacitating including: operational guidelines, facilities and competent motivated human resources
  • Innovative development and resource mobilization models for road infrastructures with a result oriented leadership and government fund allocation and commitment.
  • Cutting edge designs & Construction Methods
  • Strategic alliances with Proficient Service Providers & Stakeholders as well as establishing public private partnership.


  • Carry out cause the undertaking of feasibility studies, design construction and maintenance of both trunk and primary roads.
  • Regulate the safe use of highways.
  • Enforce vehicle weight and size control regulations,
  • Take necessary measures to protect the environment during road works.
  • Initiate policies and laws related to roads, determine design standers for roads classify and designate road network, prepare short and long term plans and implementation of it.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinating the road development programs, projects and plans of Somaliland.
  • Managing public funds and donations for road developments and ensuring that all funds allocated to road development are properly used.
  • Providing advises and developing proposals with regards road development planning and construction.
  • Developing national road development policy